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Private Training

Tailored to You and Your Dog

  • Duration and format: 60-minute in-person or virtual lessons with you, your dog, and Jessie
    • Standard in-person lessons typically take place at dog-friendly locations on Madison’s West side or in Middleton, Verona, or Fitchburg
    • Virtual lessons are held via Google Meet (no Google account required)
    • In-home training is available to residents of Madison (Near West, West, Near East), Fitchburg, Middleton, Verona, and Monona
  • Contents: Training programs centered around your team and designed to meet your needs
    • Topics might include household manners, polite walking on leash, working through distractions, building confidence, human training skills (mechanics), tricks
  • Perfect for: Humans who want additional individualized coaching on their own training, dogs not yet ready for the day training program, teams with specific issues or goals to work toward
    • Suitable for both social dogs and dogs who demonstrate some reactive behaviors
  • Cost: Standard and virtual in-person lessons are $100 for initial consults and single lessons; discounted 5- and 10-packs of lessons available to returning clients
    • In-home private lessons have additional fees; please inquire about rates and availability

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Explorer & Scholar Tracks

Pick-up Programs to Enrich Your Dog’s Life

  • Duration and Format: Packages of 90-minute (Explorer Track) or 60-minute (Scholar Track) pick-up sessions; Jessie will collect your dog and head out for adventure and learning!
    • Available to returning Here We Go clients in a limited service area
    • Explorer Track: Decompression/sniffy walks at a nearby park or natural space during which your dog will get exercise, enrichment, opportunity to investigate new spaces, and a little light training to support leash and trail skills; depending on scheduling and your dog’s preferences, another trainer may come along for a parallel walk
    • Scholar Track: Training trips to different locations to work with your dog on essential skills such as loose-leash walking, confidence in novel spaces, polite toy play, or focus
  • Contents: Packages that allow your dog the opportunity to do more than just take a walk!
    • Explorer sessions promote mental, emotional, and physical well being, all while supporting your dog’s growth as a top-notch companion
    • Scholar sessions grant your dog Jessie’s complete attention during training to meet your goals and ensure your dog can be a good citizen in a variety of spaces
  • Perfect for: Puppies learning to be confident citizens and well behaved family members, dogs who need more activity and a brush-up on essential skills, dogs of current clients who may benefit more from professional training time than lessons
  • Cost: Varies by track.
    • Explorer Track (90-minute decompression walks): 4 for $295 or 6 for $425
    • Scholar Track (60-minute training trips): 4 for $320 or 6 for $450
    • Summit Package: $435 for 3 Explorer Sessions and 3 Scholar Sessions

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